Information security

The goal of an effective information security and incident management strategy is to maintain a balance between minimizing the impact of these attacks and resolving incidents in the most efficient way. Good case management also helps prevent future incidents.

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BT Service

With the IT Infrastructure and User Service we provide to our customers at global standards, we enable them to focus on their business and spend their energies on their own sectors.

Application Support

Within the scope of our End User Support Service, we support the applications or software projects that our customers use constantly with our experienced teams.

Information Security

The determination of worldwide cybercrime, which has become almost global, to profit from these factors makes information security incidents inevitable.


One of today's technologies and applications of virtualization, who knows well today, is the first to use it in Turkey and to benefit from technology technologies as a solution.

B2B & B2C

Functional e-Commerce solutions (online stores, auctions, marketplaces, etc.) for B2B and B2C sectors.


Creating multifunctional and user-friendly mobile applications to get the utmost from mobile world.


Build the perfect web app with a reliable team of experts who care about your success.

Enterprise Applications

Development of enterprise apps, including robust ERP, CRM, HRM, automated billing and payment systems.



The most reliable and accurate software-hardware components for the services and solutions we offer to our Business Partners. In line with our goal of providing Our aim is to determine the most suitable and reliable solution for the needs of our business partners and to present them with the products of our solution partners.