Digital Solutions Support Services

Full Time Onsite Support Services

It is the IT infrastructure and end-user support service model provided in the customer office. In this model, our customers are provided with sufficient number of on-site support personnel to meet their needs. Within the scope of on-site support service, consultancy services are also provided to determine the infrastructure needs of our customers and to produce solutions. In addition, in order to provide and maintain the knowledge about the customer infrastructure, the training and knowledge transfers of the backup personnel are monitored periodically.

On Site Dispatch Services

The Dispatch service model is a one-time service model that we provide to our customers who do not require full-time support, in case of a problem or a new installation. In this service model, we start planning the service to be provided as soon as the installation or support request arrives, and we organize our teams for the requested day and time. We work with our experienced teammates in data centers and system rooms to meet the needs of our customers as quickly as possible.

Help Desk (Professional Service Desk)

In addition to our on-site support services, we provide remote IT Infrastructure support with solution results to our customers' users through our Service Desks (Help Desk) created with professional technical infrastructure and resources.
We can shape our Service Desk service according to the needs of our customers.
Our Sample Service Desk Models:

  • With the team and infrastructure specially created for the needs and environment of our customers,
  • With a special team for the support of our customer's projects on the digital and information technology infrastructure side,
  • With a special team formed to support project-specific issues for software projects,

  • Application Support

    Within the scope of our End User Support Service, we provide support for our customers' business critical applications with our experienced teams. We can shape our support as on-site or remote, full or part-time support according to the needs of our customers.

    Microsoft Enterprise Services

    It includes all of the services provided in line with the needs of our customers for the application of efficient, safe and correct technologies. We implement Microsoft technologies that provide cloud infrastructure technologies, unified communication solutions, management, security, dissemination, virtualization, business continuity and disaster management scenarios that institutions need, using MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) methodology in all structures.

    Hardware Technology Consulting

    Our client's list of infrastructure and end-user equipment is for brands that are most suitable for all equipment in the review, review, information structure. It provides the provision of distributed ones from senior partnership owners with learned purchasing.