Information Security and Protection Services

Information security

We provide services that include the management of information security management practices and systems in local and global standards, ensuring their continuity and completing the training of users on these issues. We provide consultancy and support in the management of certification processes, mainly KVKK, ISO27001, GDPR, and NIST, and in the necessary improvement and hardening processes. To meet information security requirements, we provide consultancy services related to infrastructure and end-user experiences with the most appropriate methods.

Data Storage and Backup Solutions

We create all the necessary strategies for backing up business critical information that will ensure the business continuity of our customers, and we determine the methods to be used at the most appropriate level and with the most appropriate budget. During the strategy formation phase, we determine all operational processes and shape them in accordance with our customer's structure and experienced global standards.
In today's world, where data storage and access to data in the safest and fastest way actively affect the way we do business, to our customers;

  • In the forward planning of the capacity to host the data,
  • In the creation of a data storage solution suitable for its structure,
  • In the creation of backup solutions in different alternatives according to the importance of the data,
  • We offer and implement solutions that include layered Data Storage and Backup structures for different needs of different applications.

    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

    In today's world where Information Technologies and the processes hosted in this structure are very important for our business, backing up these structures has become very important to ensure our business continuity. Creating the structure that will ensure business continuity is not just a work to be done in the information technology structure, but a strategy that should be created with the coordination of all business units. With our team that is aware of all these, we plan the business continuity strategy of our customers and apply the most appropriate technological solutions.