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Our DevOps Services

At Niceye Information Technologies, we provide a comprehensive range of DevOps services to help businesses modernize their infrastructure, improve efficiency, and achieve seamless software delivery. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. Explore our DevOps services below:

i) Modernization

Kubernetes Transformation: We identify eligible applications for transformation and leverage the power of Kubernetes to modernize them. By adopting up-to-date technologies, we ensure a smoother and more secure transformation process. Kubernetes enables efficient container orchestration and scalability, allowing you to optimize resource utilization.

Helm Charts (Package Management System): Our experts create Helm Charts to package and deploy applications efficiently. This streamlines the deployment process and allows for easier management of application dependencies.

Pipeline Configuration: We configure a robust pipeline that automates key processes, ensuring efficient software delivery. Our pipeline includes security scans using SonarQube based on commit messages, helping to identify and address vulnerabilities early in the development cycle.

Git Branching: We implement effective Git branching strategies, enabling seamless collaboration and streamlining development workflows. This promotes efficient code management and facilitates parallel development efforts.

Versioning: Establishing version control practices is crucial for managing software releases effectively. Our team helps you implement versioning strategies that allow for easy tracking of changes and rollback options, ensuring better control over your codebase.

ii) Relocation

Migrating On-Premises to Cloud: If you're planning to move your existing infrastructure from On-premises to Cloud Platforms, we've got you covered. Our experts set up a cloud environment (Azure, AWS, etc.) and handle the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Provisioning RDS Service for Managed Databases: To simplify database management, we deploy and configure Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service). This managed service provides scalability, high availability, and automated backups, ensuring your databases are in capable hands.

Development, Test, and Production Environments: We help you establish separate environments for development, testing, and production purposes. This segregation ensures efficient development cycles, thorough testing, and seamless deployment of your applications.

iii) Logging / Monitoring

AWS CloudTrail: Enhance your security posture with AWS CloudTrail. We implement CloudTrail to monitor and log AWS API activities, providing valuable insights into system usage and potential security threats.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): We leverage a powerful SIEM tool to analyze CloudTrail logs, enabling proactive threat detection and enhanced security measures. This ensures better protection for your infrastructure and data.

AWS CloudWatch: Our team utilizes AWS CloudWatch for monitoring and managing various AWS resources. This comprehensive monitoring solution helps you gain real-time visibility into your system's performance, enabling timely responses to any issues or bottlenecks.

Prometheus, Grafana, and Elasticsearch Integration: We integrate Prometheus, Grafana, and Elasticsearch into your logging and monitoring infrastructure. These tools provide advanced monitoring, visualization, and log analysis capabilities, allowing you to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot your systems.

Autoscaling: Implement automatic scaling mechanisms to dynamically adjust resources based on workload demands. Autoscaling ensures that your applications have the necessary resources to handle varying levels of traffic, improving performance and cost-efficiency.

iv) DevOps

On-premises to Kubernetes Relocation / Consolidation: If you're looking to migrate your on-premises infrastructure to Kubernetes, we've got you covered. Our team handles the relocation process, ensuring improved scalability, management, and resource utilization. .

Infrastructure and Application Modernization: We help you modernize your existing infrastructure and applications, leveraging the latest technologies and best practices. This enables you to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape while improving efficiency and reducing technical debt. .

Cost Optimization: Our experts optimize resource allocation and streamline operations to minimize hosting and management expenses. By analyzing your infrastructure and identifying areas for improvement, we help you reduce costs without compromising performance or reliability. .

Centralized Management Solutions: We implement centralized management solutions that provide efficient administration and control of your entire system. This allows for easier configuration, monitoring, and maintenance, enabling you to manage your infrastructure more effectively. .

Pay-as-you-go Licensing: Transitioning to pay-as-you-go licensing models for software licenses, we help you optimize costs and align expenses with actual usage. This flexible licensing approach allows you to scale resources as needed while minimizing licensing expenses. .

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Information Technologies Infrastructure

We provide detailed needs analysis for our customers' new Information Technology Infrastructure installations or infrastructure renewals/developments, and provide solutions on many issues, including the following main issues, and then provide support.;

  • Integration, design, and migration to Cloud Solutions,
  • Local and Wide Area Network design and installation,
  • Active Directory Domain design and setup,
  • Application and File Server planning and installation,
  • Secure and Controlled Internet Access,
  • Intranet Solutions design and installation.,

  • Server Infrastructure Installation and Management

    We provide services at stages such as needs analysis, selection of the appropriate product and licensing model, planning, commissioning, operation, and management.
    We perform on-site or remote maintenance of continuous operational works such as backup, security, and update management after installations, as needed. In our system room infrastructure projects, we offer solutions to the main demands of our customers as follows.

  • System Room design and installation,
  • System Room restructuring and arrangement,
  • Network cabinet arrangement,
  • System Room monitoring and fire, heat, humidity, and flood prevention solutions.

  • System Room Setup and Arrangement

    In our System Room infrastructure projects, for the needs of our customers;

  • System room design and installation,
  • System room restructuring and reorganization,
  • Network cabinet arrangement,
  • Monitoring system room and producing fire, heat, humidity, flood prevention solutions,

  • We offer solutions to all system room infrastructure demands of our customers in our main projects such as

    Network Infrastructure Setup

  • WAN Optimization,
  • Connection Between Locations,
  • LAN Cabling,
  • Wireless Network Infrastructure Setup,
  • System Room Design and Arrangement,
  • Network Security,

  • We offer solutions to all Network infrastructure demands of our customers in our major projects such as

    Integrated Digital Meeting Solutions

    We design the most suitable solutions for our customers' digital communication needs and provide consultancy and support for all processes. We prepare the most optimum solutions for the live meeting audio and video systems in meeting rooms. We manage end-to-end processes from the economical procurement of digital products to be used in meeting rooms to their technical installation and then provide support services.

    Hardware Technology Consulting

    Our client's list of infrastructure and end-user equipment is for brands that are most suitable for all equipment in the review, review, information structure. It provides the provision of distributed ones from senior partnership owners with learned purchasing.